Pierre El Daher Achievements

Pierre El Daher Achievements

As Chairman & CEO of Lebanon’s number one television station, LBCI, Pierre El Daher brings Arab audiences the best in television while also dedicating his efforts to research in the media field and to media education for Arab students.

Pierre El Daher's wide range of activities include: Global Media AIDS Initiative at the UN headquarters, Raising awareness and fighting AIDS, Rebuilding with Harris Corp. Iraq's media network, a project approved by the US administration in 2004, Advising schools on matters related to the Communication and Information Studies program.

Pierre El Daher made it to the list of Top 100 Most Powerful Arabs 2007 by Arabian Business.

Pierre El Daher also launched award-winning initiative “Cheyef 7alak”, a civic movement with an ultimate goal of raising civil an social awareness, that is based on citizen journalism. It gives Lebanese citizen the power to report irresponsible and dangerous behaviors for a better Lebanon.

And in September 2013, Pierre El Daher launched the first High Definition channel in Lebanon proving once again LBCI’s leadership as a pioneer Lebanese channel in the field of high definition broadcast.

In January 2014, The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) won the award of the best Lebanese channel during the Arab Satellite Channels Festival in Egypt.

In February 2014, LBCI won the Pikasso d’Or award, for its new look and feel campaign, “El Denye Alwen.”

Also in January 2014, and for the first time in the Middle East, LBCI aired the Avant-finale of the Lebanese drama TV series, Wa Achrakat Al Chamess at ABC Grand Cinemas following an online competition launched on LBCI website.

LBCI, continues to rate as the most-watched TV channel in Lebanon, according to 2013 figures shared by international market research and statistics company Ipsos Stat.

In February 2019, Pierre ElDaher won the lawsuit against Samir Geagea and the Lebanese Forces. Judge Fatima Jouni dropped all charges against LBCI and Pierre El Daher in the case filed by the “Lebanese Forces.”

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